Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Vote

The Vote

The election is coming
And won’t it be great

Let’s make our voice heard
Do not procrastinate

Our country is becoming a godless regime
We must not let go of our founder’s dream

Do not stay home and assume the win
We want all to know that we are in

Our leaders will see we are here for keeps
That we are no longer asleep

To vote is a privilege covered n blood
Let us not take it lightly, not drag it in the mud

The question is simple, straight out of the gate
To be self governed or be controlled by the state

One note of caution, to those we vote in
Keep all your promises, or next time you won’t win

We are now watching and know when they are lying
May we never again trust without verifying

So get out the vote, all who can hear
Our mission is very clear

This country needs you in November
Make this one that we will always remember


Lista said...

I'm Surprised that no Body Commented on this one. I Liked it.

WomanHonorThyself said...

yup I did too!