Friday, July 9, 2010

Are you a "Mama Grizzly"?

This movement, some call it the 'Tea Party Movement', is still going strong 18 months later. I was at one of the first 'Tea Parties' in February of 2009. What a ride I have been on since then: Co-Founder of KatyTea Party, Co-chiar a Tea Party rally, delegate to my state Republican convention, spearheading a 'get out the vote' effort in my county, calling senators, writing letters, gathering and dispersing information about what our Gov. is up to. Now, our focus will be on walking neighborhoods, registering people to vote and getting people to the polls.

Some say this movement has been led by women, moms. In my experience this is true. Not just soccer moms or stay at home moms, but working outside the home moms as well. We call ourselves Patriots.

Check out this video by Sarah Palin's PAC. It discusses the Grizzly Mom effect.


Mark said...

I saw a couplke of black women in that video. Are they crazy? Don't they know the tea partiers are all racists?

Lista said...

Great Post Kris,
You Inspire me. I Love the Tea Party. We Attend the one in Our Area and they are Very Informative. Obama is Way Out of Line and Something Needs to be Done.