Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free Speech: On it's way Out?

This cartoon is funny...but is it really? How do you feel about the white house, on many fronts, attacking this new organization? Does it scare you? It should.

What about this image:
The writing on the tape says 'flag@Whitehouse.gov"

It speaks volumes to me. Why did the White House want citizens to report on other citizens who opposed, with good reason, the health care reform bill? There was a campaign for people to 'Flag' themselves at the .gov web site.

Many of my fellow patriots were scared to do this. The fact that they scared speaks volumes, doesn't it?

Now read this article about an upcoming United Nations proposal that is set for this winter. It is reported that our President will sign it.

I don't know, maybe I am a bit paranoid. Or am I?


Z-man said...

Obama has a childish mind to go after FOX but aren't there any persons of integrity in the Administration who oppose this at least on principle?

God Of Bacon said...

Why aren't the censors after me?