Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Can Benjamin Netanyahu be our President?

I just saw a post on a friends FB wall asking the same question. One reply went something like this:

Comment 1: No. He was born in Tel Aviv.
Comment 2: Oh WAIT! That part doesn't count anymore. Yes!

This made me chuckle.

However, considering what I heard in Mr. Netanyahu's speech last night to the AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee). I think he would get my vote.

Why do I say this you may ask? Let me give you some highlight of his speech with a bit of my commentary thrown in for good measure.

On What Israel will do about Iran he said:

'I read about what Israel has decided to do or what Israel might do. Well, I’m not going to talk to you about what Israel will do or will not do. I, never talk about that.'

Would it be nice if our leader felt the same regarding America's military plans and giving our enemies details of those plans far in advance.

That is Reason #1 why Mr. Netanyahu would be a good President.

On how he has no fear in giving the truth about Israels enemies:

'From the beginning, the Ayatollah regime has broken every international rule and flouted every norm. It has seized embassies, targeted diplomats and sent its own children through mine fields. It hangs gays and stones women. It supports Assad’s brutal slaughter of the Syrian people. Iran is the world’s foremost sponsor of terror. It sponsors Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza and terrorists throughout the Middle East, Africa, and South America. Iran’s proxies have dispatched hundreds of suicide bombers, planted thousands of roadside bombs, and fired over twenty thousand missiles at civilians. Through terror from the skies and terror on the ground, Iran is responsible for the murder of hundreds, if not thousands, of Americans. In 1983, Iran’s proxy Hezbollah blew up the Marine barracks in Lebanon, killing 240 American servicemen.

In the last decade, its been responsible for murdering and maiming American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Just a few months ago, it tried to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador in a restaurant just a few blocks from here. The assassins didn’t care that several Senators and members of Congress would have been murdered in the process. Iran accuses the American government of orchestrating 9/11, and it denies the Holocaust. Iran brazenly calls for Israel’s destruction, and they work for its destruction – each day, every day.'

Our leader seems to fear the truth. We do have enemies that hate. They do not want peace with us. They want us destroyed.

That is Reason #2 why Mr. Netanyahu would be a good President.

His views on putting his countries safety first, which is a main responsibility of any state:

'As Prime Minister of Israel, I will never let my people live under the shadow of annihilation.'

This kinda says it all.

That is Reason #3 why Mr. Netanyahu would be a good President.

His view on his state's right to defend itself:

'Today we have a state of our own. The purpose of the Jewish state is to secure the Jewish future. That is why Israel must always have the ability to defend itself, by itself, against any threat. We deeply appreciate the great alliance between our two countries. But when it comes to Israel’s survival, we must always remain the masters of our fate'

This is so refreshing. A leader who says what he means, knows his purpose and does so even if he must stand alone.

That is Reason #4 why Mr. Netanyahu would be a good President.

How he toots the horn of his county:

'Israel’s fate is to continue to be the forward position of freedom in the Middle East. The only place where minorities enjoy full civil rights; The only place where Arabs enjoy full civil rights. The only place where Christians are free to practice their faith; The only place where real judges protect the rule of law; And as Prime Minister of Israel, I will never allow anything to threaten Israel’s democratic way of life. And most especially, I will never tolerate any discrimination against women.'

Now this one hits close to home. No bowing to the enemy or apologizing for the military.

That is Reason #5 why Mr. Netanyahu would be a good President.

You be the judge. Maybe the initial question was not so silly after all.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

2012...Here we come!


Well, here I sit. Writing another post after a long hiatus. Why have I been absent for so long? Not sure of the answer. Yes, I have been busy, but aren't we all?

I think I have been in a type of fog. Watching this county spiral out of control in so many areas. I sometimes can't believe some of the things that are happening right under out collective noses.

Let me name a few:

  • No flags allowed to fly on a child's bike ride to school
  • Being illegal is not really illegal
  • Israel is no longer our best friend
  • Food stamps and unemployment are the new stimulus plan
  • A balanced budget is partisan politics
  • Teaching sex ed to 5 yr olds?
  • Passing a bill so we can see what is in it?
  • No oil drilling for us but sending oil subsidies to South America, Really!
  • No picture of you under your clothes = no flying
  • 5 yr olds getting pat downs
  • Socialized medicine: doesn't anyone look to Canada, UK or even Massachusetts?
  • No inflation while milk costs $5 a gallon
  • Being called a terrorist by my Vice President
  • The word Christmas is no longer acceptable
  • A generation that has bought the 'share the wealth' mantra (but not when it comes to their GPA's)
  • My tax dollars WILL pay for abortions under the new Obamacare
  • Green jobs that go bust and have parts made in China
  • Labeled a potential terrorist by 'Big Sis' if your vote is based on a single issue (abortion for instance)
  • Attending a patriotic parade might make you conservative (I actually like this one, but still a sad commentary)
  • Poverty = 2 tv's, cell phone, VCR and a roof over your head
  • A President who apologizes for American to Dictators who kill and oppress their own people
Can our country survive without the 'can do' spirit of the past? Can we recover with a generation that looks to government for all needs and has forgotten what hard work and delayed gratification is? Can we make it when we are creating a generation that hates wealth but wants everything and wants it for free? More importantly, can we thrive in a country that no longer believes freedom is God given and must be defended at all costs? Will the words 'My Rights' grow to include free college education, free child care, an Ipad, a place to live and food to eat, internet access, a job, and ...? Is there still a difference in pursuing these things (happiness) as opposed to having them given to you?

We are headed into a very important year in our Country. It is time to get busy again. We must rally, we must speak, we must educate, we must contribute, we MUST VOTE. All of us must do this. Do not leave it to the few. Do not be afraid.

So, 2012, here we come.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Vote

The Vote

The election is coming
And won’t it be great

Let’s make our voice heard
Do not procrastinate

Our country is becoming a godless regime
We must not let go of our founder’s dream

Do not stay home and assume the win
We want all to know that we are in

Our leaders will see we are here for keeps
That we are no longer asleep

To vote is a privilege covered n blood
Let us not take it lightly, not drag it in the mud

The question is simple, straight out of the gate
To be self governed or be controlled by the state

One note of caution, to those we vote in
Keep all your promises, or next time you won’t win

We are now watching and know when they are lying
May we never again trust without verifying

So get out the vote, all who can hear
Our mission is very clear

This country needs you in November
Make this one that we will always remember

Friday, July 9, 2010

Are you a "Mama Grizzly"?

This movement, some call it the 'Tea Party Movement', is still going strong 18 months later. I was at one of the first 'Tea Parties' in February of 2009. What a ride I have been on since then: Co-Founder of KatyTea Party, Co-chiar a Tea Party rally, delegate to my state Republican convention, spearheading a 'get out the vote' effort in my county, calling senators, writing letters, gathering and dispersing information about what our Gov. is up to. Now, our focus will be on walking neighborhoods, registering people to vote and getting people to the polls.

Some say this movement has been led by women, moms. In my experience this is true. Not just soccer moms or stay at home moms, but working outside the home moms as well. We call ourselves Patriots.

Check out this video by Sarah Palin's PAC. It discusses the Grizzly Mom effect.

Monday, June 14, 2010

2010 Republican State Convention, Dallas Texas: A Freshman's View

I am back from my first convention as a delegate. I did a lot of observing and learning while in Dallas. Here is my take on the experience.

When we first arrived at the convention center, around 10 am on Friday the 11th of June, getting registered was first order of business. I had pre-registered on line so I went straight to the booth designated by my senatorial district, showed my ID and was able to get my credentials. With out the credentials, access to the trade show and main hall were not allowed.

We then went into the trade show hall. There were not as many vendors as I thought there would be. After all, Texas has the largest Republican convention in the Union (except for the National conventions that is). Myself and my co-patriot Linda (who came with me as a 'guest') enjoyed shopping for a bit of Republican bling and checking out all of the informational booths.

Check out the Republican elephant bling around my neck...

At 12 noon the first official session began. We (about 15,000 or so) delegates, alternates and guests were summoned into the main hall. We had to sit in assigned ares, Alternates together, guests together, and delegates seated together by senatorial districts.

At this point the pep rally began. Speaker after speaker, starting with the governor and then going down the line. It seemed we heard from every Republican elected official there was. This went on for about 3 to 4 hours. Loud music (think professional ball game) streamers, confetti, promotional videos, the whole works. We finally were sent to our caucus, again separated into senatorial districts.

When I arrived at the caucus (a meeting with all counties within like senatorial districts where voting for various leaders and policies is done), the seating was now arranged by counties within the senatorial district. I proceeded to look for Waller county and I took my seat.

Waller has 10 Delegate spots and 10 Alternates. The Alternates can be seated as delegates if not all of the delegates are in attendance. This was the case for most of the counties, Waller included. We had 6 delegates and 1 alternate, so we seated the alternate right away and so we ended up with 7 delegates to vote for our county.

During this caucus, we voted for permanent caucus chair and permanent committee reps. The chair is the one who conducts the meetings. The committee reps are people from our senatorial district that work in the various committees; platform, credentials, nominations, rules. These people were appointed temporary positions and had been at the convention all week meeting in these various groups on behalf of our district. The vote to make them permanent is mostly a formality. (I need to brush up on my Robert's Rules of Order)

After the Friday night caucus, I went to the Bar-B-Q and Boots banquet. The food was ok, but the key note speaker was Michelle Bachmann. She did not disappoint.

Then home, to bed and up early for another round.

Our Saturday caucus started at 9 am in the morning. This time we voted for our senatorial district SREC (State Republican Executive Committee) representative. Each district has a male and female rep. We also voted on who the new party chair and co-chair would be. If we vote for a female chair we must vote for a male co-chair and the opposite is also true. Our districts nominee will be only one vote in the main session as each senatorial district has only one vote. During the counting of the votes, we listened to many speakers. Every elected official from the county had a turn.

We were hot and hungry and we had a lot of 'do nothing' time on our hands. This went on a LONG while, and we were all glad to be done. We then walk down to the main hall and get ready for the next session of the day. This is where the party platform would be voted on as well as the state chair and vice chair of the party.

I was looking forward to the last main session, but it was full of disappointment. The pep rally never ended. I wanted to get down to the business at hand.

Let me say that when I left at 3:30 (we had been in main session for over 2 hours) the voting had yet to begin. My vote was already counted for the chair and vice chair as we had done that in our caucus, but I wanted to vote on the platform. I was able to read over it during the speeches, and the wording seemed fine to me. I became more frustrated by the minute. The silver lining was the key note speaker, Governor Haley Barbour.

I left for the long ride home to Brookshire. I have since found out that the floor discussion and vote on the main floor was not over until 8 pm. (the schedule has this with a 4 pm conclusion time). As you can see by this picture, many had already left by 4 to begin the ride home. The Delegates do pay all their own expenses to come to these conventions, so one more night in the hotel was not an attractive proposition.

I guess if I could give the party some advice from a freshman delegate (aka Tea Party Patriot) it would be this: We want to discuss the platform, we want to create guidelines for this party going forward that are of, for and by the people. We do not need any pep rallies, we are already fired up and ready to work. We do not want these conventions to be social gatherings but work sessions. We do not want politics as usual. This is why almost half of the delegates at this convention were freshmen. We want real hope and real change....

One thing that was said by Michelle Bachmann that deserves repeating is this: If we give the gavel to the Republicans again in November and they again screw it up, they may never get another chance. This is so true. I hope the party heard this loud and clear.

This convention was a step in the right direction for me, even though I am not sure where my path is leading. Stay tuned...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

So I am now a Delegate....

Today I am on my way to Dallas, Texas where I will attend the State GOP convention. I will represent the county of Waller as a Delegate. I am both excited and nervous. I am not sure what my role will be and if it will make a difference in the long run. I do know that this is a first step in getting more involved in the party and trying to encourage it to get back to the basics. What are the basics you ask: Lower taxes, smaller government and following the constitution!

I will post pics and will have much to say on my return so stay tuned.

When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat.
Ronald Reagan

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Manhattan Declaration

Render to Caesar what is Caesar's, but do not render to Caesar what is God's

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Free Speech: On it's way Out?

This cartoon is funny...but is it really? How do you feel about the white house, on many fronts, attacking this new organization? Does it scare you? It should.

What about this image:
The writing on the tape says 'flag@Whitehouse.gov"

It speaks volumes to me. Why did the White House want citizens to report on other citizens who opposed, with good reason, the health care reform bill? There was a campaign for people to 'Flag' themselves at the .gov web site.

Many of my fellow patriots were scared to do this. The fact that they scared speaks volumes, doesn't it?

Now read this article about an upcoming United Nations proposal that is set for this winter. It is reported that our President will sign it.

I don't know, maybe I am a bit paranoid. Or am I?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Gun Legislation: Fact vs Fiction

Take a look at this report on gun legislation that has been introduced this year. There have been rumors about guns and tax returns that are not true, but the details that are true can hold their own. I love the last time of this article:

"With guns we are citizens, without them we are subjects."

Check it out:

Friday, October 9, 2009

Who won the Nobel Prize? Is this a JOKE?

You have got to see this to believe it...


I would not have believed it if I had not read it myself. Only 9 months in with the economy a mess, deficits out of control, approval rates for all our government officials VERY LOW, the Afghanistan war hanging in the balance, a divided country...what is the basis for this award? That the world likes us (Americans) better because of him? Is this all it takes to get this prize? Has the whole world gone mad?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

9/12 March on Washington, Watch Party in Houston

Join me this Saturday (9/12) at Dave and Busters,7620 Katy Freeway, at 11:30 am. My friend Pat Wright will be one of the speakers. We will be gathering with like minded people to watch the live broadcast of the march on Washington. We will then enjoy good food and great speakers. All this (food included) for just $10. If you are local, come on out. You can RSVP at:


Hope to see you there!Justify Full

Monday, July 20, 2009

The ugly truth...Universal Health Care at the cost of elderly lives.

This says it all. Say NO to this Universal Health care Plan. Call today. Not only your reps but all that are on the committee or on the fence. Go here to learn about the Blue Dog Dems that can make a difference. You will also find phone numbers listed. Get involved today! Our parents and grandparents life depends on it.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

RE POST...Happy Anniversary NHS (National Health Service)...Info on both English and Canadian Health Care Systems

What is the NHS, or the National Health Service, you ask? It is the official name of the National Health Care system in Britain. This July 5th it will turn 60 years old. I really knew nothing about this system prior to last April, 2007. This was when I went with my main squeeze on a business trip. I love these trips, he has to work and I have to sit alone by a luxury pool for 2 days. Anyway, on this particular trip we were in Phoenix. I went to the pool and happened to grab a spot next to a couple from London. We began to talk about, can you guess, politics. The conversation quickly turned to their health care system. I learned that day from them many things: government health care is not free it is simply pre-paid by higher taxes, government health care is great unless you get a major illness, there is always a line, there are always long lines for dental care as well,there is always a LONG wait for tests or scans.

There was one other thing I learned that I don't believe is covered in this country when this topic is discussed. This couple told me that they actually buy supplemental insurance, privately, to cover things that are not under the National 'free' coverage and it usually pushed them up in line when a wait is involved. There are also doctors that opt out of the National Coverage and will take only those patients with this supplemental insurance. There is also the same scenario when dealing with dentists. I found this fascinating. Doesn't the ability to buy better or more coverage go against one of the main reasons for nationalized medicine? That reason being all people should have the same type or amount of health care despite class or financial means. I read an article today by Doug Bandow that talks about this very thing. This article also suggests that a British subject could loose their nationalized health care if they opt for the supplemental insurance. (so where is the tax refund if they loose the national coverage?)

I had another experience while on yet another business trip. This time I was on my way to NYC, and because of circumstances my main squeeze and I were not traveling together. I got on the plane and sat next to a nice young man (early 30's) that happened to be Canadian. We had a great conversation which turned to, can you guess, politics. We eventually got around to what I refer to as socialized medicine, better known as national health care. He was under the impression that there were Americans that were denied health care. I then explained to him the fallacy of that statement. There are people that are not insured, but they are not denied health care. I told him that our emergency rooms are used as Dr. visits for the uninsured. I personally witnessed this on an ER trip with my mom. There was a lady in front of us in the check in line. We were able to hear her partial interview with the admitting nurse. When asked why she was at the ER today, her answer was 'stuffy nose'. Anyway, getting back to the conversation with the Canadian, he was shocked to hear about a typical ER and I also told him of the many charity hospitals found in most cities and towns. He had no idea. It looks as though mis-information abounds all over the globe. Our talk turned to the health care in his country. He said he has been OK with the service given, but he had never been real sick. He would rather not pay the HIGH taxes associated with it, but like he said "You get used to it". We also talked about the 'Brokers' in his country. They actually help very ill patients find hospitals in the US to do needed tests or to perform needed procedures for Canadians that know if they wait in a line for a test in Canada, they could be dead before they can even get a diagnosis. These people use the brokers and the charity of American physicians and hospitals to save their lives. They still have to pay, but they negotiate lower fees. I read another article by David Gratzer that discussed the current issues the Canadian national health care is dealing with presently. Apparently, the gentleman considered the father of this enterprise is changing his tune.

We must keep all this in mind during the upcoming election. National health care has major issues in both Canada and Britain. I encourage you to do your own research. I think it was Reagan who said "Trust, but verify." We must verify what we are being told. We must check the facts.

Remember, nothing is free, except Salvation!